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B2B Team Selling

Team Selling

B2B Team Selling Services

Close sales and reduce staffing and equipment costs by integrating our inside
sales team into your sales force.

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Team Selling Service

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Team Selling
Closed-loop ROI

...grow your business with our telesales services by contacting more leads, identifying sales opportunties, serving more customers and saving on staffing and facility costs....

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integrating our teams...

Our telemarketing and telesales agents have the business savvy and sales training to act as part of your sales team.


Team selling requires so much more than a telephone agent. Team selling has an inside sales agent on the telephone and outside sales representative who is in the field. Each person plays a vital role in closing the sale and are equal parts of your successful team.


Team selling is particularly successful when offering complex products, or sales that have upgrade stages – like computer software for example. An outside sales representative may make the initial sale of the installation, and the inside sales counterpart looks after all the upgrades, add-ons, and additional licensing requirements – freeing up the outside sales person to create new customers.


In Team selling, the inside sales team initiates calls, responds to email and Web visits, and follows up with prospects that have had appointments with your own Sales Staff.


Our goal is to be completely invisible to the prospect and the customer. We integrate our Inside Sales team into your sales force at a fraction of the cost of hiring and maintaining staff. Our Inside Sales agents are experts at team selling and will internalize your programs far beyond telephone scripts.


AnswerNet Inside Sales (aka TeleSales agents) know your business, your product and your target market as well as you do. Why? Because they are acting on your behalf, so your goals are tied directly to the goals set for the agent. When they achieve those goals, everybody wins.


Team Selling Process - Flow Chart


Team Selling Flow Chart

In a team selling structure, the AnswerNet telesales agent works directly with the client sales team to provide virtually instant lead progress via warm transfer and one-on-one lead notification.


Aggregate reports are provided to the project managers on a regular schedule (and can also be made available on demand) for both the AnswerNet and client-side managers in order to to determine the progress of the overall program.

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