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Identifying Your Prospects

Targeting is all about identifying the
most viable sales prospects.

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Targeting - Identifying Viable Sales Prospects

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Lead Generation
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...grow your business with our telesales services by contacting more leads, identifying sale opportunties, serving more customers and saving on staffing and facility costs....

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Target Sell Develop
Target Sell Develop

separating the viable prospects from the noise-makers...

Targeting prospective customers is where everything begins. This is where we separate the viable prospects from the noise-makers, tire-kickers, get-back-to-you laters and everyone else not ready to get down to business.


At AnswerNet, we will design a custom targeting program, specific to your needs. Need subscribers? Memberships? Software upgraders? Give us your list and we’ll find them for you.


Don’t have a list? We’ll help you develop one and then our professional telemarketers will work through it for you.


With all the targeting options AnswerNet provides, it won’t be long before the widest, most confusing part of the sales funnel is filled with the kind of prospects you need for the sales that you want.


Contact us now for a consultation, or select a targeting service below to discover more about AnswerNet professional B2B targeting services and how they can help you.


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