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Referrals and Rewards Programs

Referrals & Rewards

B2B Referrals & Rewards Programs

Grow you business with referrals & rewards programs driven by AnswerNet.

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B2B Referrals and Rewards - Outsource Programs to Us

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Customer Support Srvcs
Cross-selling & Up-selling
Referrals & Rewards Srvcs

...grow your business with our telesales services by contacting more leads, identifying sales opportunties, serving more customers and saving on staffing and facility costs....

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let us drive your referrals and rewards programs...

AnswerNet professional telemarketing agents can also drive your referrals and rewards plans.


Telemarketing isn’t just about cold calls and acquisition. Leverage your customer relationships to find new channels and prospects, and reward the customers that help you.


AnswerNet telesales professionals are your inside sales services team and know your business.

Who better to:



- Develop customer loyalty programs
- Offer those programs to current customers
- Contact those who are referred to you
- Promote offers and specials
- Make advisory calls to reward programs members so they know they have achieved a goal
- Contact prospective partners for affiliate programs
- Fulfill reward programs for customers.


AnswerNet telesales, telemarketing and customer satisfaction inside sales services teams can manage some, or all, of your inside sales needs. Consider outsourcing with AnswerNet.

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