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List Consulting

List Consulting

B2B List Consulting and List Management Services

It's about finding prospects that
will turn into business.

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B2B List Consulting & List Management Services

Service Categories:

Lead Generation
Appointment Setting
Market Research

...grow your business with our telesales services by contacting more leads, identifying sale opportunties, serving more customers and saving on staffing and facility costs....

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turn a list of prospects into business opportunities...

AnswerNet understands what you are trying to do with a list – find prospects that will turn into business.


After all, we do the same thing every day!


We will work with the list you provide, maintaining reporting on the efficacy of the list and the quality of the targets we are speaking with. The minute we perceive a trend in the discussion that keeps our Telemarketers from gaining a lead or setting an appointment, we will alert you to changes or areas of the list that are not performing.


AnswerNet managers will work with you on your scripting, list targeting and other areas of prospecting, so you can have the most productive calling program possible.


Marketing is about testing and learning, taking those lessons and testing them against something else, ultimately arriving at the ideal solution and the most qualified B2B list of prospects possible. Telemarketing and telesales is no different.


The opportunities of B2B list calling are boundless and can be overwhelming. The objective feedback you get from our Agents will provide valuable insight into the list, the success of your script and compel you to make any changes you feel are necessary to leverage the information you have.


AnswerNet can help you build your ideal prospect B2B list from a test and learn agenda. Our telemarketing agents will provide invaluable feedback including their perception of the product, the quality of your script and the interest of the people called in proceeding with a lead, appointment or sale.  Imagine, knowing if your list actually works!


AnswerNet takes a consultative approach to list building. If your list isn’t working, we’ll work with you to procure or build another, or take a different approach with what you have provided.  We want you to hit your goal and be pleased with your program. AnswerNet will do what it takes to make that happen for you.


AnswerNet can provide you with a group of qualified list vendors, work with you on testing the list you have, or develop an entirely new list strategy – the choice is yours. After all, AnswerNet’s mission is to provide our customers with the people, services and technology to allow them to run their businesses, their way.


List Consulting and Management - Flow Chart


List Consulting and Management Flow Chart


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