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Customer Satisfaction Services

Customer Satisfaction

B2B Customer Satisfaction Ratings

It's about customer satifaction as a
key performance indicator and
your business profitability.

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Customer Satisfaction Rating Services

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a key business performance indicator...

Customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator.


Customer satisfaction ratings can have powerful and profound effects upon the long-term profitability and sustainability of any business. Customer satisfaction feedback forces employees to focus on the importance of meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. When these scores dip, it’s an early warning signal that could affect sales and profitability.


In a world of viral networking and social media, customer satisfaction – or rather dissatisfaction -- spreads faster than a cold in preschool.


Manage your customer satisfaction ratings, and really understand how your customers feel by outsourcing your evaluations.


AnswerNet telesales agents can make personal calls, set up interactive voice response systems, email and collect surveys, and compile the results of this data to give you real, actionable reporting to ensure that your customers stay happy, and STAY.


We will action your customer satisfaction scales or create a series of measurements with your input and approval. Our agents will then implement the satisfaction calls, and even create a follow up program to speak with customers who would like to discuss their experiences further.

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