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Closed-loop ROI Reporting

Closed-loop ROI

Closed-loop Return-On-Investment

It's about ROI and the reporting
needed for it's analysis.

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Closed-loop ROI Reporting

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Closed-loop ROI

...grow your business with our telesales services by contacting more leads, identifying sales opportunties, serving more customers and saving on staffing and facility costs....

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verifiable ROI and win / loss analysis...

One of the advantages of choosing AnswerNet for telesales and telemarketing, or for completely outsourced B2B Inside Sales services, is the accuracy and completeness of the reporting.


With fully transparent reporting and a closed loop you will have the ability to make decisions with factual, practical evidence, giving you complete control of your sales cycle.


Imagine knowing which channels are the most effective, what messaging works the best and being able to trace marketing and sales efficiency from cradle to grave. AnswerNet makes it possible when you work with us to develop Closed Loop Reporting, Verifiable ROI and Win / Loss Analysis.


Reporting frequency is completely at your discretion – make it daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly and in the format you choose. You can create your reporting structure or rely on our reporting experts to create viable, actionable reports for you.


Information is collected and aggregated across any number of variables, and contains the data that is relevant to you. Here are just a few examples:



- List penetration

- Leads acquired

- Calls rejected

- Calls returned

- Call escalated

- Contacts per hour (CPH)

- Sales per hour (SPH)

- Wins by marketing source

- Loss reports


You will know the status of every lead, where it is in the sales pipeline, its value, likelihood to close, estimated close date and verifying return on investment. You will know at every stage where your investments are paying off, and where to make some changes.

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