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B2B Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

B2B Appointment Setting Services

It's about putting your sales people
in front of well-qualified prospects.

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B2B Appointment Setting

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Lead Generation
Appointment Setting
Market Research

...grow your business with our telesales services by contacting more leads, identifying sale opportunties, serving more customers and saving on staffing and facility costs....

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putting your sales people in front of well-qualified prospects...

One of the most important and challenging steps in B2B marketing is getting the appointment set for your sales people, putting them in front of a well-qualified prospect.


AnswerNet's B2B telesales professionals will take away the pain of cold calling and appointment setting for your internal teams whether the appointment setting is for a sales call, mortgages, insurance claims, medical screenings, etc. Whatever your needs, the Appointment Setting specialists at AnswerNet will fill your waiting room, office, and schedule with valuable clients.


A sale is about trust. We buy from people we like.  AnswerNet’s agents set appointments with warmth in their voices, friendly personalities and excellent phone skills. Soon your prospect will be speaking as though the agent is someone they know and want to do business with. By extension your sales people can capitalize on that appointment setting expertise when they meet the prospect face to face.


As every business to business sales person knows, a well-qualified prospect can turn quickly into a paying customer if you can just get in front of them. Not only will AnswerNet manage your B2B list for appointment setting, we can even schedule your appointments using an online calendar, so everyone can see the progress of appointment setting in real time.


With our highly professional B2B telesales agents, you can be sure that when your personnel arrive at an AnswerNet scheduled appointment, that person is highly qualified, receptive to your story, open to conversation and more likely to close.

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