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Perfect solutions for selling products or services with a long or complex sales cycle.


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Answernet's programs are ideal for complex, and often highly technical products with long sales cycles.


Telesales, like any good sales process, creates trust in a complex sales system by establishing relationships and offering in-depth knowledge of the product, and by understanding the pain points of the prospect. It just so happens that the Sales representatives are located in a call center, and may be the single point of contact to a prospect.


AnswerNet telesales representatives can be an addition to, or replace entirely, an inhouse sales team.


Learn how to use our telesales services to grow your business.


Just looking only for short, simple telemarketing programs?

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Our services are designed for businesses with products and services requiring a complex sales process. Our staff are well educated and extensively trained in the business to business sales skills necessary to reach decision makers and nurture them from initial contact to close of the final sale. Staff are specifically recruited and trained to meet the needs of your business.


products and services needing our telesales services...

VAR support
Specialized computing platforms
Data storage
E-commerce platforms
Telecom products & services
Business intelligence and analytics

Security Software
Supply chain / Logistics
Engineering Services
Specialized equipment auctions
Medical devices
Financial Services Software

Any B2B service with a complex sales process


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Target Sell Develop


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